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Ginger Pelvic Rub

Ginger Pelvic Rub

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This product can be used 4 days leading up to your period. This product contains Castor oil which is known for aiding in pain-relief and anti-inflammation as well as helps with elimination and detoxification processes in the body. The castor oil in the product has been infused with Ginger, a warming and healing herb.

-What you will Receive-

4oz Amber bottle of the product


Shake bottle well
Soak a cotton cloth with oil and apply to the pelvis
Cover with saran wrap or plastic wrap of choice
Apply a heating pad or hot water bottle for minimum of 20 minutes


Castor Oil, Organic Ginger Root


Castor oil can cause menstrual bleeding to become heavier when used during the week of your period. If heavy bleeding is something that you experience, use this product before your period starts only.