2023 Workshops are LIVE!


Kelly and Annie (owners of Full Moon Farm & Apothecary) are both teachers by training and when they made the move towards farming, teaching was still something they wanted to incorporate into their business.  Workshops will be offered throughout the seasons based on what is happening in Nature.  

To register for any of the following workshops, please head to our online shop


Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

Location: Full Moon Farm, Arthur, Ontario

Date: Sunday, April 30th, 2023

Time: 10am - 3pm

Price: $245 plus hst

Register Here: 


Join us April 30th to learn the basics of mushroom cultivation from 3 wonderful women; Megan Giffen (Owner of Unseen World), Annie Sanassian and Kelly Lucas (Owners of Full Moon Farm & Apothecary). They all have roots in outdoor education and mushroom cultivation making curiosity, compassion and play a part of their teaching ethos. We are excited to bring the learning outside, into your hands and to connect with the community as we learn about how to grow mushrooms! Space is limited.

What you will gain from this course:
  • Brief introduction on how to grow mushrooms at home from liquid culture
  • Experience inoculating your own shiitake log that you get to bring home
  • A community pot luck
  • Experience making a community built king stropharia (garden giant) bed
  • Experience making your very own oyster mushroom bucket to grow and bring home
  • Handouts for all the procedures you will learn in the class
  • A day outside with 3 experienced women mushroom growers & a like minded community of people
  • Courage, encouragement & inspiration to continue to grow mushrooms at home in your outdoor space
  • Excitement of watching your mushrooms grow, never to be underestimated

For more information please email:  thefullmoonapothecary@gmail.com

    You can also opt in to purchase shiitake logs from Unseen World before the class (send us an email). Medium Shiitake logs are now  20% off (regularly 60$ now 48$). For pick up at the class.

    Also check out www.unseenworld.ca to learn more about Megan Giffen


    Outdoor Wellness Workshops

    Join us for one of or both of our wellness workshops this year at Full Moon Farm & Apothecary! 

    Location: Full Moon Farm, Arthur, Ontario

    Date: July 9 & August 13, 2023

    Time: 9am - 12:30pm

    Price: $100 

    Register Here: 


    We are hosting folks on our farm for a chance to slow down, enjoy nature and take time to care for ourselves physically and mentally.  Spend the morning outside, doing yoga overlooking our herb gardens, mindfully walking the land, working with plants, meditating and meeting our sheep and ducks!  You will also be going home with a Full Moon Farm & Apothecary goodie bag with our self care herbal products.        


    July 9th:

    • Gentle Flow Yoga with Certified Yoga Instructor Megan Robar
    • Herb Garden Tour 
    • Herbal Tea Blend Making
    • Meditation with Megan Robar
    • Herbal care package


    August 13th:

    • Gentle Flow Yoga with Certified Yoga Instructor Megan Robar
    • Nature Walk and Foraging
    • Making Medicine/Food with Foraged Plants
    • Meditation with Megan Robar
    • Herbal care package


    Join us for Both or Just One!

    One ticket - $100

    Buy a Ticket for yourself and a friend (for one day) - $180

    Buy Tickets for both July 9th & August 13 - $180 (Tickets are non-refundable after July 9th)

    Email thefullmoonapothecary@gmail.com for more information


    About Megan Robar

    Megan began her yoga journey years ago and has always dabbled with the idea of doing her yoga teacher training. She comes from a group exercise background teaching spin, aqua fit and bootcamp. Yoga has always been a passion of hers and she jumped in to complete her 250 Yoga Teacher Training in 2022. She enjoys mindful movement and loves to create safe spaces for all bodies. Megan is also a vivacious learner and loves sharing her passion for yoga and meditation. 

      When she is not on the mat she is teaching         elementary school physical education and   loves    spending  time traveling. She also   enjoys   exploring   new hobbies such as golf,   pottery   and hiking. 
     The class that she will be offering is a gentle     flow. This means it’s is accessible to all bodies.   Gift yourself the opportunity to come and   enjoy  this   class which will feel like a gift to   your soul on the beautiful Full Moon Farm   property.




    Capture Colour: Natural Inks and Pigment Making Workshop

    Date: September 10, 2023

    Time: 10am - 1pm

    Location: Full Moon Farm, Arthur, Ontario

    Price: $40

    Register Here:


    Join us for colourful-plant-filled fun! We will wander around Full Moon farm and learn about some great plants for dye and paint making. We will gather and play with capturing colours from a variety of plant-parts.  We will focus on ink and pigment making, what all that means and some of the many fun ways to integrate natural colours into your life!
    What to Bring: 
    🌈Yourself dressed for the weather- rain or shine 
    🌈A notebook, ideally with thicker paper to test out fun watercolours ad pigments
    🌈2-3 small jars or bottles to take home pigments and dyes 
    🌈 Any related natural dyeing books, projects, show and tell if you have, we would LOVE to see! 
    🌈 A mug to enjoy an herbal tea


    About Sammy Tangir:

    Sammy Tangir is an all around nature nerd, with an ever-growing passion for getting to know the land including (but not limited to); the plants, birds, and natural materials for crafting. Sammy is a farmer too, growing willow for basketry, herbs and some plants for dye! She loves carving spoons, making paint from plants and rocks and eating as many wild plants as possible. 


    Spoon Carving Workshop

    Location: Full Moon Farm, Arthur, Ontario

    Date: Sunday, October 1st, 2023

    Time: 10am - 1pm

    Price: $60

    Register Here:


    A spoon carving workshop for all stages of curious or aspiring spoon carvers.  Led by Full Moon Farm's Annie Sanassian.

    Come spend a morning by a cosy fire using hand tools to carve spoons. Learn how to safely carve with a knife and hook knife, learn the basics of processing green wood, and carve your very own spoon. If you happen to have your own hand-tools; a fixed blade knife, hook knife, froe or saw please feel free to bring them along.

    My goal is to inspire and create a spoon-tastic day with others.

    Please bring your own snacks 

    To see some of Annie's previous work visit:




    Herbal Syrup Making Workshop:

    Date: November 10

    Time: 6pm-8pm

    Location: Full Moon Farm, Arthur, Ontario

    Price: $60

    Register Here:


    Join us for a morning of creating herbal syrups to help support our immune systems during cold and flu season.  We will be exploring some of the most important herbs for the winter season; immune boosters, cough suppressants, decongestants and more.  We will be making Elderberry syrup with herbs from our herb garden as well as Black Cherry cough syrup.