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About Us

Our names are Kelly Lucas and Annie Sanassian and we are the owners and founders of Full Moon Farm & Apothecary. Our story begins in Toronto, in 2016 after spending lots of time outside learning about wild plants and all the gifts they give us.  This inspiration moved us to study herbal medicine with a focus on menstrual health. We learned that there are so many beautiful plants that could help us and others to feel better during "that time of the month" and so we started creating recipes and making products for ourselves and friends.  With the success of our products amongst our friends and family in Toronto, we knew these products could be helpful for others and that is when Full Moon Apothecary began. 

After a number of years we decided that we needed to be more connected to every part of our business and so we moved out of the city to our farm so that we could expand our business and grow everything we sell on our own land.  We put a lot of love and care into the products that we make and we would love you to be a part of our growing farm story