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Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

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Join us April 30th to learn the basics of mushroom cultivation from 3 wonderful women; Annie Sanassian, Kelly Lucas (Owners of Full Moon Farm) and Megan Giffen (Owner of Unseen World). They all have roots in outdoor education and mushroom cultivation making curiosity, compassion and play a part of their teaching ethos. We are excited to bring the learning outside, into your hands and to connect with the community as we learn about how to grow mushrooms! Space is limited.

What you will gain from this workshop:

  • Brief introduction on how to grow mushrooms at home from liquid culture
  • Experience inoculating your own shiitake log that you get to bring home
  • A community pot luck
  • Experience making a community built king stropharia (garden giant) bed
  • Experience making your very own oyster mushroom bucket to grow and bring home
  • Handouts for all the procedures you will learn in the class
  • A day outside with 3 experienced women mushroom growers & a like minded community of people
  • Courage, encouragement & inspiration to continue to grow mushrooms at home in your outdoor space
  • Excitement of watching your mushrooms grow, never to be underestimated

For more information please email:  thefullmoonapothecary@gmail.com

You can also opt in to purchase shiitake logs from Unseen world before the class (send us an email). Medium Shiitake logs are 20% off (regularly $60 now $48). For pick up at the class.

Also check out www.unseenworld.ca to learn more about Megan Giffen